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Sharron Davies was an international swimmer, a British & Commonwealth record holder for over twenty years, who competed in three Olympic Games, winning a silver medal in the 400m individual medley (all four strokes) & only behind an East German who later admitted to being part of the shameful DDR drug cheating program that effected women’s sport so badly over two decades.  

Sharron also won two gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals at the Commonwealth Games, amongst many other international medals, breaking or re breaking over 200 British records on the way. She was awarded an MBE for services to swimming in the 90s on her come back to the sport, after an 8 years break out of the water, as well as an honorary doctorate and a masters degree. 

In 2015 Sharron qualified as a stage 4 PT from Bath University. 

She now works poolside for the BBC, with Tokyo being her 12th consecutive Olympic Games, as well as working on many other TV projects over the many years since her retirement. Sharron hosts awards ceremonies & conferences, and is a well known motivational speaker. 

She’s also mum to three great kids, her favourite job.

Sharron has always had a passion for fitness, it has been front and centre in her life since she first made the Olympics at only 13. After having her family she believes even more life is a balance between regular exercise, a healthy diet, decent sleep and staying positive so we can cope with what life throws at us. However she’s not a fanatic and whole heartedly believes in moderation, so healthy choices are a life choice not a fad, and fitness a long term habit change. 

When she first retired from swimming Sharron put on 30 pounds from eating as she always had after doing 6 hours a day of intense exercise & rebelling from training, not surprising after years of 5am. It was then an almighty struggle to get that weight off, including trying every crazy yoyo diet going. 

So she has known first hand that horrid battle with food. 

Sharron believes that the endorphins released during exercise are hugely underrated for mental health as well of course as keeping us physically healthy and a lot happier with ourselves. 

The Family

I’ve wanted to do Personal Trainer work for years but I’ve just not been able to find the time. I often work with friends in the gym, writing programs and helping them loose weight, getting them fitter, changing their eating habits & making them happier with themselves, just because I enjoy how it makes them feel. 

Of course exercise and healthy eating is in my blood, but I’ve had fazes like we all do where I lost my way, got lazy & put on weight, especially after I retired as an international swimmer first time (I retired twice). I put on 30 pounds and yoyo dieted for two years. I hated it…

Because of Covid I thought it was the perfect time to launch my business. I have access to a beautiful, well stocked gym thats kept immaculately clean that I personally work out in most days. I also really enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others to get fitter, lose weight and just be more confident in themselves. 

Endorphins are hugely underrated for their mental health benefits. I always feel so much better after a workout, and thats most needed when things are challenging us. 

I qualified as a stage 4 PT from Bath University in 2015 & as most people know I’ve had a long career as a successful sports woman where I’ve learnt so many great tricks and systems. I’ve always maintained my fitness, even through three children, a snapped ACL & nine subsequent operations (gladiators in the 90s), three broken vertebrae a couple of years ago (from a rodeo) and more recently a broken hip after being knocked off my road bike.  I will always love being adventurous…

This last years rehab has been a big part of daily life. 

I want to pass on my knowledge, be the discipline and routine you may be missing, help create great new healthy habits, make happen the positive change for good you’re looking for. 

Habits take 2-3 months to form, and my job will be to change things for the better long term. No quick fix. They don’t work. 

I know I can bring my unique knowledge & make a difference to the way you think about exercise, food and life…but of course it had to be a team effort, you & me. 

Together we can make some great positive waves in the right direction.

So how do we do this, well it has to be a decent commitment or it  just won’t work and I want real results for you.

I offer one to one sessions of an hour. Just bring yourself in gym kit with clean trainers.

The minimum is a booking of 6 x 1 hour sessions to start with, that minimum has to be taken as one workout a week with me, but of course can be more. Thats up to you. Soon to bring online membership with monthly subscription workouts for those that can’t travel. Of course there is always the option that i might be able to travel to you after the original assessment.

There will be a simple home workout set because in reality we need to exercise at least 3-4 times a week but that can be all sorts of things. We’ll chat that through and plan it well.

After the first 6 sessions there is a reduction in cost  because now you will have a good habit but if you’d like to carry on, great. After 6 sessions I’m sure I will have passed on enough information/help to make a real difference in how you go forward either working out at home or in your local gym/pool/park and hopefully how you manage food. 

What you want to achieve will be discussed in a consultation before our first exercise session together, where we will take some measurements, have a proper chat about targets etc and fill in some forms.  Everything will be at your pace with a little cajoling from me. 

If you have a known condition you will need a doctors letter to say you’re able to exercise, but we can tailor everything to your needs and health challenges. 

You may already be fit and want to get super fit. You may want to exercise just to release your bodies wonderful feel good hormones. You may want to loose some weight or just be able to do a press up for the first time. 

Its never too late to start being fitter. We know sadly from Covid the healthier we are the better we can fight what life throws at us. And those endorphins are magic. Based in the beautiful countryside just outside of Bath…… but watch out for Sharron Davies gym online.


Sharron helped me to lose two stone and feel better about the way I looked and felt for years, she was friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their fitness and wellbeing. The Gym is private, spotless and has all the equipment I needed for a great workout. Sharron made it fun and I felt great after every session.

Lauren Ash

Bradford on Avon

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