Diary Piece 02/09/2004 Post Athens Olympics.

Diary Piece 02/09/2004 Post Athens Olympics.

Hi, well where do i start? Probably with my obligatory apology for not getting on site enough, so sorry. Hope everyone is well and enjoyed the Olympic Games as much i as i did. I think they were the most emotional games i’ve witnessed? Lots of ups and downs that made all of us wipe away a tear. Very good telly i believe to from what you were all saying.

What a palaver over a pair of boobs…that’s all i want to say! Just for the record, at no time did the BBC ask me to change anything. Infact i was pretty unaware of most of the fuss going on at home until it was all over. I do hope i was doing an ok job presenting? From your e-mail’s it’s seems so. So thank you very much for all your support. It was very gratefully received.

The games themselves were fantastic, the venues top notch and the pool, although a little windy at times, fantastic too. The British swim squad did not do all they were promising from form at the training camp or the trials back in April. But, i can assure you they tried hard and will have learn many lessons from their experiences. There was a lot of new talent in the men’s 4x200F/C relay team. James Goddard, Simon Burnett, and of course bronze medallist David Davies to look out for in the future. I’m sure Mel Marshall will come good and the mens breaststrokers will be back.

We won two medals of course, an improvement on four years ago and we will move in the right direction i’m convinced. The next big meet will be the World S.C. champs in America in October. My only observation was that we were more than a little afraid of the US and OZ swimmers and there is no need to be. Everyone is bearable, even the great Michael Phelps. Maybe with a little more race experience in the States and Australia they can over come that.

As far as the big stars are concerned well, what an athlete young Michael at only 19 is, he will still only be 27 if we manage to get the games in London in 2012 so lets hope we can. Then you can all come and watch. Maybe he’ll get his 7 gold’s there and his 1 million dollar bonus! Ian Thorpe is still the worlds best middle distance freestyler and Gary Hall jnr from the USA gave us a great performance in the sprint 50m as did Grant Hackett in the tough 1500m. Those were my swimmers of the meet. All fellas..what a surprise!

I had a wonderful time, busy with diving and swimming. Meaning some days i started at 7am and didn’t finish until after mid-night. But what an experience. I never tire of the atmosphere or the excitement of an Olympic Games.

Hope you all liked the new pictures which appeared recently. I did a session with my favourite photographer Alan Olley before i left. I hope to find time to do another before too long.

Life is back to normal, nice to be home to see the kids. I have a recording of They Think it’s all Over to do soon so you should see that this month and apart from that it’s all the normal stuff.

Thank you again for all the mail with words of support it is very much appreciated.

Look after your selves,

love Sharron x

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